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    Egypt | Ticket Prices

    Monty and Me had an amazing trip to Egypt during October 2018. Vicki and I are avid researchers so naturally we searched Travel Blogs, Youtube and the internet to ascertain what we would need to set aside money-wise, in addition to our core expenses.

    As you can imagine, we found a variety of different answers stating different currencies and entry requirements, so to that end we thought you might like to see some of the actual tickets that we collected during our visits to some of the main attractions throughout Egypt.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that one ticket ticks all the entry boxes. With some attractions there are multiple tickets for different sections, for example, the Cairo Museum. Often there also are additional costs if you want to take photographs. The staff take a dim view if you take photos without a ticket and even watch over you to ensure you delete them from your camera. Lesson learned: it’s really worth the extra cost to buy a ticket if you want to take photos.

    At the time of our trip $1 AUD bought approx 12 EGP (Great Pyramid ticket $33 AUD)

    It’s also worth noting that many of the attractions are included when you book your trip through a local travel agent, so do double check what’s included and what isn’t.

    Note: Prices increased circa 25% in November 2018, and we understand there may well be increased similarly in November 2019.

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