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    Blue Lake

    Australia | Tasmania – Little Blue Lake

    Where is it? Google this address and you’ll find it: 1753 Gladstone Road, South Mount Cameron, Tasmania. It’s easily accessed along a sealed road. About 20 metres off Gladstone Road you’ll come across a carpark; it’s then a short walk along an unsealed road to key vantage points for the iconic photo. If you have a 4WD you could follow this unsealed road but when we were there it was barricaded to stop off-road vehicular access.. We were en route from the Bay of Fires driving back to our base in Launceston when we decided to stop and check it out.

    How long does it take by car? It takes just over an hour from Bay of Fires to Little Blue Lake via C8943. Travelling from Launceston, it’s about 1hr 45mins via B82 or 1hr 51min via Tasman Highway (A3).

    What did we see? A glorious expanse of blue. Depending on your camera or iPhone, the image you capture will can be aqua blue or turquoise blue or ultramarine blue.

    What do you do there? Nothing really except look at this beautiful expanse of turquoise blue and take a couple of epic shots. Swimming and water-skiing are not recommended due to the lake’s high mineral content. . Originally a mine hole, Little Blue Lake’s deep blue-green colour is due to the minerals in its base. (Don’t confuse this lake with Little Blue Lake in Port MacDonnell. It’s a water-filled sinkhole near Mount Gambier, South Australia, which is frequented by swimmers)

    Tip: I wouldn’t recommend heading to Little Blue Lake as a singular destination. I have read blogs where is it recommend to stop off at Pioneer but this town appeared dilapidated and unenticing. However, that’s purely my own observation driving along the main street (pictured below). Perhaps there’s more to discover but first impressions didn’t motivate me to venture further.

    Vicki Montague is a freelance writer with a predilection for travel, European fashion, architecture that oozes history and charm, and objects that tell a story. She and her partner John are empty nesters - their three adult children have left the comforts of home to carve out their own paths in life. Vicki’s professional background is in marketing and public relations.

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