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    Australia | Qld Brisbane – Art gallery Curious Creatures

    Every now and then you see an exhibition that leaves you completely speechless. London-based sculptor Ron Mueck’s exhibition held a few years ago in Brisbane at QAG was one of them. Featuring life-like sculptures, Mueck’s hyper-realistic models of humans were astounding.

    QAG/GOMA has done it again with another incredible exhibition Curious Creatures by sculptor Patricia Piccinini.

    Mueck and Piccinini have both mastered the unbelievable: startlingly realistic sculptures where skin stretches and folds and hair seems to grow from the pores. Both sculptors share an extraordinary attention to detail and an ability to often startle the viewer. Where Piccinini differs from Mueck’s lifelike constructions of human beings (oversized to pint-sized), Piccinini’s creations take the viewer into fantasy world.

    Curious Creatures is highly controversial with Piccinini’s human-like hybrids. It’s as if people, animals and plants are merged into singular beings making the audience question genetics and biotechnology and their impact on our environment.

    Some of the creatures will engender a sense of warmth and love, some will shock and others will confound. This is an exhibition everyone should experience and form their own impressions. It is, in part, unsettling, but also wondrous. If Curious Creatures ever travels to your part of the world then go see it.

    Currently showing in Brisbane at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) until August 5, 2018.

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