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    Way back in February 2010 I wrote my first blog: The Hapless Traveller. On this blog is my Hapless Traveller Tips  

    Fast forward to 2017 this list has had a reboot, shake up and a refresh. Some recommendations stay the same, some have changed. This is the latest list of things you should consider packing (apart from necessities of course).

    Carry-on Travel Bag The Longchamps Pliage Nylon Tote is a beauty. Fold flat for easy packing but it’s brilliant as your carry-on bag. It’s light as light can be, stores all your necessities (including spare knickers, top etc.). Pack your everyday cross-body travel bag in their too if you wish. If your budget is tight you can always find a ‘copy’ online but best to buy the original.

    Everyday Bag Love the Hedgren Urban Bag. Lasts forever – literally. Bought my Hedgren Inner City shoulder bag 12 years ago and still going strong. There are numerous bags on the market these days but look for: adjustable strap that can be altered from crossover to shoulder style; padded compartment to fit iPad; exterior zip pockets for easy access to frequently used objects such as mobile phone; made of material that can be washed (my Hedgren goes straight into the washing machine); lightweight…

    Handy wipes Oops just spilt your food on your clothing. Tricky to fix when on the plane. Just pull out a handy wipe. They’re not only meant for wiping hands but they also clean up unfortunate spills etc. You’ll disembark your flight looking fresh!

    A good read/movie OK so you have access to movies but what if you’ve seen them all, nothing interests you or the screen is out of order? Back-up is needed. A great read (iPad, laptop or hard copy) is always a godsend. Also download movies on your iPad or laptop before departure. You may decide to chill in your hotel one night and enjoy watching a cool move without subtitles!

    Guide Book Love the DK Pocket Map and Guide books. Very handy. Lightweight. Time is precious when you’re a tourist on the go – know where you’re going and what you want to see in advance.

    WhatsApp/Messenger Phone home without the issues of burning up the dollars. Great to be able to touch base with the kids/grandchildren during transit to let them know you’re OK during your long-haul flight.

    Favourite comfort drink Depending on where you are travelling, some hotels only stock instant coffee. Sometimes that ‘just add hot water’ to your cafe latte sachet is so good. Also a couple of packets of cup-of-soup make a nice change when it’s a cold night and you’re tired.

    Compression Stockings/Socks A must.  Reduces the possibility of swollen feet and they’re a sensible protection against DVT.

    Pashmina/wrap Take the comfort of home with you. Block out the light, feel the warmth, snuggle up into it. You’ll be glad you packed it in your hand luggage.

    Hairdryer If you wash and dry your hair everyday then take your own. There are some excellent travel hairdryers for about $20. Unless you’re staying in fancy accommodation, the hotel dryers often lack the hot air blowing power.

    Travel pillow Once again, not everyone flies business class which is afforded to travel writers. We everyday souls have to get comfortable somehow. Plenty on the market to choose from. Do you research and find out what works for you.

    Bits + Bobs In your suitcase (not hand luggage) pack a small pair of scissors, bottle opener, glue stick, sticky tape, a bulldog clip, spare pen, sheet of bubble wrap, half-full roll of loo paper, hand wipes, dental floss (the original version)… You’ll be surprised when they come in handy.

    SnapLock Bags Take a collection of various sizes. Handy for your liquids/cosmetics to prevent leakage in your bag

    Backpack for the guys Carry-all for camera, tripod, iPad etc.

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