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    Greece |Island life: What to wear in October

    I’m happy to admit that I surf far and wide looking for any advice on What to Wear when I’m heading to a new destination. Unfortunately, the majority of the stories are written by younger women who can get by simply by slipping into a skimpy pair of shorts and a shirt. Not so for this traveller.

    So, what to wear if you’re heading to the Greek Islands in October? Pat yourself on the back because you are heading there at the right time – the weather is sublime: the days are dreamy warm, the nights refreshingly cool. Just remember to pack clothes you can layer up or take off depending on the weather.

    So where to start? You’ve thrown your bag on your be. It’s time to make some decisions.

    I originally considered packing shorts but they don’t suit me anymore (if they still look good on you then go for it!). I decided to be practical but wanted to be chic so I grabbed a few pairs of Capri pants. They’re cool to wear, they look good day and night and they’re versatile. Change your top, add a few accessories and you change your dress code for the occasion.

    Pack at least four tops – a couple of sleeveless or short sleeved and a couple of long sleeved. Long sleeved shirts give you the versatility to roll up the sleeves or leave them down and they provide the perfect coverup over your bathers.

    Do pack a dress or skirt. I did and I’m pleased I did. After a while you will become tired of pants; a skirt and top or dress transitions your mood from being a tourist to feeling like a local ready for night time cocktails or dinner somewhere posh (if your budget permits).

    What about a jacket? Yes, pack a jacket. Pop a lightweight denim jacket in your suitcase. Dress up or dress down; you’ll look on trend. Perfect for any age. If you have a zip front jacket they too can be handy for late evening strolls or lounging around in comfort in your hotel room.

    And bathers? Well, I like to pack two pairs. One two-piece (gives you shape, keeps all those tricky bits hidden, yet looks sensational – there’s one for every shape – and in Europe women of all ages wear two-piece swimmers, so why not you! ) I also pack a black one piece too. It never goes out of style. while the two-piece is drying after your pool dip or ocean romp, slip on the black number, throw on your shirt and Capri pants or skirt and head for an afternoon drink somewhere close by. You never know, you may even fit in a swim too?

    For the feet pack some Havaianas (rubber thongs) for the hot pebbles, gravel or sand on the beach, pack a pair of comfy, non-slip walking shoes that can take you on long distance hikes and a pair of casual sandals that work for night time dressing too. Remember, you’ll probably find a must-have made-to-order pair of Greek leather sandals on one of your island day trips. If you’re petite and you like to add a bit of height, pack a pair of wedge-heel sandals – perfect for manoeuvring your way over cobble-stoned side streets. High-heeled sandals just won’t work.

    Necessities include: sun protection, hat (or buy when you get there), sunglasses, a powerboard (to charge your mobile phones, iPads, laptops, powerbanks, camera batteries etc. at the same time using one power point). Don’t forget your European plug adapter or your brilliant power board will be useless.

    Toiletries will depend on your accommodation. If you’re staying in a Four- or Five-star hotel or airbnb then you probably won’t need to pack much, but I always prefer to take my own shampoo, conditioner and hairdryer. So does Monty. The same goes with face & body moisturising creams.

    If you’re not sure if your hotel or airbnb supplies beach towels then pop in a couple of microfibre beach towels. Your hotel may charge extra – take your own and you know you’re covered plus it can double as a sarong if you use the Turkish cotton variety.

    The last word: don’t stress it. You will find what you’re looking for when you get to where you’re going.

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