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    Q&A with Monty and Me | 2019

    Monty and Me – Blog post #1 for 2019

    Welcome to 2019.

    We’ve been off the net for a while…travelling, chilling and simply enjoying the end of year festivities.

    So, what does this new year hold for you?

    To get our travel mojo rebooted we decided to reflect on our past experiences.


    Favourite travel experience? As we all say, it’s difficult to choose, but last year’s cruise down the Nile was rather spectacular. The landscape literally changed in front of my eyes…from desert sands to lush banks peppered with locals fishing. Talk about two extremes. And of course climbing inside the pyramids!

    Preferred holiday tipple? I’m a red wine drinker but I like to try the local favourites. Europe is THE place to indulge in all red blends. In Spain I, I loved their sangria. In Bordeaux, France it was the local red. (Couldn’t take to the pastis because I’m not a fan of aniseed flavour). Italy was hands-down limoncello, Aperol spritz and prosecco. In China and Thailand, there weren’t options – so it was beer, beer and more beer (the local wine is appalling and wine in general is expensive). In NYC, USA we became hooked on mojitos. Prague, Czechoslovakia, the hot mulled wine was exceptional and available all day and night. Heavenly heart-warming as we were there during winter. Japan, sake. Closer to home, Tasmania’s beautiful apple ciders are spot on, but their wines were quite outstanding. Think I’ll stop there! Too many places, too many tipples.

    Essential travel accessories? Noise cancelling earphones, pashmina, iPad, notepad and pen, iPhone (of course), digital camera, my Bailey Nelson reading glasses that have clip on sunglasses. Genius!

    Hottest hotel? Wasn’t a hotel as such, it was a riad in Fez, Morocco. Riad Laaroussa. Five-star all the way. Simply divine.

    Favourite item from abroad? A bangle featuring a handsome scarab Monty bought for me last October which we found while wandering around Old Cairo.

    How does travel influence your work? As a freelance publicist and creative, travel gives me a fresh new perspective on life, different cultures, food, design and architecture.

    New destination/s for 2019? We’re looking at Croatia, Turkey (Istanbul) and Greece.


    Favourite travel experience?  Getting up close and personal with the Great Pyramids of Giza on the back of a camel was rather special. Going inside was even better!

    Preferred holiday tipple? Drinking Aperol Spritz sitting on the canals in Venice was rather special..

    Essential travel accessories?  Can’t leave home without my trusty Canon 5D3 and may favourite 24-70mm f2.4 lens – I don’t care if people think its too heavy to carry is a fantastic combo for travel.

    Hottest hotel? The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – just wonderful!

    How does travel influence your work?  Looking thru a lens enables me to see cultures up close and personal. I just love travel photography.

    New destination/s for 2019?  We’re looking at Croatia, Turkey (Istanbul) and Greece, but I am open to any and all suggestions!


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